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Housing units

INA housing units are available as plummer block, flanged and take-up housing units in numerous different designs. The units are ready-to-fit and comprise INA cast iron or sheet steel housings in which INA radial insert ball bearings are fitted. In order to ensure function and reliability under all operating conditions, the bearings and housings are matched to each other.


Due to the spherical outside surface of the bearing outer ring and the concave housing bore, housing units can compensate for static angular misalignment of the shaft, see link.


The units are used predominantly as locating bearings, but are also suitable as non-locating bearings under low loads and speeds.


The housings are screw mounted on the adjacent construction. Less stringent tolerances are sufficient for the screw mounting surfaces, see link.


Housing units
with cast iron housing


Cast iron housings are single-piece units with high load carrying capacity, see link. For relubrication of radial insert ball bearings, the housing bore has a lubrication groove and the housing has a lubrication hole for conventional taper type lubrication nipples to DIN 71412. In the delivered condition, the hole in the housing is closed off by a plastic plug. Cast iron units are available as plummer block and flanged housing units.


Plummer block housing units


Plummer block housing units have a long or a short base, Figure 1. Housings with a long base are screw mounted to the adjacent construction by means of slots, housings with a short base by blind threaded holes.


Figure 1
Plummer block housing unit,
cast iron housing, with long base





Flanged housing units


Flanged housing units are available as two-bolt, three-bolt and four-bolt units, Figure 2. The housings are oval, triangular, square or round in shape. The housings have through holes for location purposes. Some series also have a centring spigot. The centring spigot is mounted in a turned recess in the machine structure. This gives concentric alignment of the housings and relieves the fixing screws of any radial forces.


Figure 2
Flanged housing unit –
cast iron housing





Take-up housing units


Take-up housing units have facilities for sliding or swivel motion, Figure 3. They are used where shafts must undergo substantial displacement travel.


Figure 3
Take-up housing unit,
cast iron housing





Housing materials


The material used for the cast iron housings is cast iron EN-GJL-200/250 to DIN EN 1561. Housings are also available by agreement in spheroidal graphite cast iron EN-GJS-400/500 to DIN EN 1563.


Bearing end caps


In order to cover the exposed ends of rotating shafts, cast iron housings with the suffix N can be fitted with bearing end caps.


Corrosion-resistant units


Corrosion-resistant units are available as plummer block and flanged housing units. The housings and insert bearings are coated with Corrotect® and have the suffix FA125.


The units are used if moisture, contaminated water, salt spray mist, weakly alkaline or weakly acidic cleaning agents are present.


Units for high and low temperatures


These units are available as plummer block and flanged housing units. The housings correspond to the cast iron housings described above. The high temperature variant FA164 includes a tapered lubrication nipple to DIN 71412 screwed into the housing.


Units for high temperatures have the suffix FA164 and units for the extended temperature range have the suffix FA101, see table, and table.


Housing units
with sheet steel housing


Sheet steel housings are two-piece units made from pressed deep drawn sheet steel and in some cases have a Corrotect® coating. The series GRA and GRRY can be relubricated via a lubrication nipple. The units are available as plummer block and flanged housing units, Figure 4 and Figure 5.


Units with sheet steel housings are suitable for moderate loads and lightweight constructions.


Plummer block
and flanged housing units
with rubber interliner


In addition to the normal plummer block and flanged housing units, there is also a design with a rubber interliner on the bearing outer ring. This interliner absorbs shocks and vibrations and thus gives damping of running noises.


Figure 4
Plummer block housing unit,
sheet steel housing





Figure 5
Flanged housing unit,
sheet steel housing





Corrosion-resistant units


The two-piece sheet steel flanged units have the suffix VA and are also available with a relubrication facility.


They are used if moisture, contaminated water, salt spray mist, weakly alkaline or weakly acidic cleaning agents are present.


Other products


In addition to the comprehensive catalogue range, we also supply housing units for special applications. Examples include:

  • corrosion-resistant flanged housing units with two-piece housings
    • a polypropylene flanged element combined with a corrosion-resistant alloy steel flanged element
  • units with plastic housings combined with radial insert ball bearings made from corrosion-resistant steel or with Corrotect®-coated bearings
  • other designs are available with special greases, seals and inch dimensions, see also TPI 127, Radial insert ball bearings/housing units in inch sizes. Please contact us as necessary.



Suffixes for the available housing unit designs: see table.

Table 1
Available designs

Radial insert ball bearing with flinger shields on both sides
High and low temperature design –40 °C to +180 °C
Bearing subjected to special noise testing
Bearing with lubrication holes on the locating side
With Corrotect® coating
High temperature design up to +250 °C
Cast iron housing with undercut slot for end caps
Bearing without clamping element
Housing dimensions according to JIS B 1559



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