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Miniature ball monorail guidance systems

wide carriage, corrosion-resistant, two-row

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Compressive loadTensile loadMoments about all axesSealed on all sides
Load directions
H 6,5  mm   
B 17  mm   
L 24,5  mm   
1)   Locating face
A1 3,5  mm   
A2 2  mm   
A3 1,3  mm   
aL max 14,5  mm   
aL min 4,5  mm   
aR max 14,5   
aR min 4,5   
G2 M2,5   
H1 1,5  mm   
h1 2,4  mm   
JB 13  mm   
jL 20  mm   
K1 M2,5  for screws to DIN ISO 4 762-12.9
If there is a possibility of settling, the fixing screws should be secured against rotation.
Max. tightening torque:
M2 = 0,6 Nm
M3 = 2,2 Nm
M4 = 5 Nm
L1 17,6  mm   
lmax 300  mm  Maximum length I max of guideways; longer guideways by agreement.

Available standard lengths:
60 mm: 0,017 kg
80 mm: 0,022 kg
120 mm: 0,034 kg
160 mm: 0,045 kg
220 mm: 0,062 kg
280 mm: 0,078 kg
300 mm: 0,084 kg
T5 1,5  mm   
mW 0,008  kg  Mass of carriage
mS 0,28  kg/m  Mass of guideway
CI 671  N  Load direction I: compressive load
C0 I 1510  N  Load direction I: compressive load
CII 671  N  Load direction II: tensile load
C0 II 1510  N  Load direction II: tensile load
CIII 590  N  Load direction III: lateral load
C0 III 1268  N  Load direction III: lateral load
M0x 7,8  Nm  Moment rating
M0y 3,5  Nm  Moment rating
M0z 4,2  Nm  Moment rating
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